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Keeping Your Child Interested in Reading

1) Children pay attention to books they find interesting. Letting children choose the book is a good way to know what interests them.

2) Children enjoy re-reading books that interest them. Have your child choose a favorite book and explain what makes it interesting.

3) Pay attention to the kinds of questions your child asks today to help you know what interests them. Choose books that relate to their questions.

4) Children learn that reading is important when they see the people around them reading to learn or do something. Make sure your child sees you reading. Adults can invite children to follow along as they read. For example, you can invite your child to read cookbooks and plan meals with you.

5) Practice using new words. Have your child draw a picture about a favorite book. Use the picture to have a conversation about what happened in the story.

6) Readers pay attention to important information as they read. Paying attention to important information helps them learn something new.

7) Reading is connected to many holiday traditions like stories and singing. Reading favorite books during the holidays links reading to happy memories.

8) Readers make connections to their own lives as they read. Thinking about how their life and the book are the same or different helps them understand. Invite your child to think about how a story is like their own life