Our Report Card

Dear Friends,

Always Dream is committed to being a data-driven learning organization, annually evaluating our program impact. By tracking digital library usage, as well as gathering feedback from teacher focus groups and family surveys, we can capture a 360-degree view of our Always Reading Program. I am pleased to share highlights from our recent evaluation of the 2020-2021 program year. 

This past school year, Always Reading partnered with 32 Kindergarten classrooms at 10 schools across California, Hawaii, and Arizona to serve 501 families. In total, there were 1,278 students and family members engaged with the program. 

While the 2020-2021 school year presented challenges due to the pandemic, our model allowed us to continue programming and we were able to double the number of families served. Always Reading became an important and valued resource for participating students and families as they dealt with a sea of pandemic-related issues. With libraries closed and students struggling with online learning, the program provided access to technology, created literacy-rich home environments and empowered parents/caregivers to support their child’s learning. Additionally, the support of our Family Book Coach provided extra capacity for teachers in engaging families at home.

I hope you will read through some of the feedback from our families. It is through your continued support that Always Dream was able to provide them with access to technology, literacy content, and support so they can build a culture and joy of reading at home with their children. Your generosity allowed us to grow in the most difficult of years. Thank you for making it possible! 


Founder, Always Dream
Parents Increase Their Knowledge of the Power of Family Reading

88% of parents/caregivers report that they are better able to help their child develop a love of reading.

91% of caregivers report the program helped them understand that family reading helps their child develop their language.

Parents Find it Easier to Engage With Their Child in Reading Time
88% of caregivers report that they are better able to engage in reading time with their child after participating in the program


90% of parents/caregivers report that it is easier to find books their child enjoys
Families Spend More Time Reading Aloud
84% of parents/caregivers report that their child shows greater interest in reading books.


By the end of the program, 85% of families report reading for at least 15 minutes every time they read with their child.
Testimonials from our Families 

“Our family uses the tablet to choose a variety of books, especially when the local library was closed due to Covid. We still had access to thousands of books.”

“We really did not read before, but now we make a point to do it every night before bed.”

“We have enjoyed the variety of books and the way his vocabulary has improved. He has been using what he is learning in his writing. I’m very proud!”

Thank you for your support of early childhood literacy!