How to Use Your Tablet

The Basics: Your Tablet’s Buttons and Jacks

1) Position your tablet with the camera at the top. You will not need to use the camera. We will only use it to understand the location of the buttons on the tablet.
2) On the right side of the tablet there are two buttons. The lower button is the power button. It turns the tablet on and off. The upper button controls the volume.
3) At the top of the tablet you will see the letters “USB.” This is where you can plug in your charger.
4) If you remove the tablet’s protective sleeve, you’ll see a picture of headphones next to a small opening. This is where you can plug in your headphones.

Turning On Your Tablet

1) Press the power button to turn on the tablet.
2) If the tablet doesn’t turn on, it may be low on battery. Connect your tablet to a power source, and wait a few minutes. After a few minutes have passed, try turning on your tablet again.
3) When your tablet is on you will see three buttons at the bottom of the screen.
• The triangle is the “Back” button. It will let you go back to the previous screen when you click it.
• The circle is the “Home” button. It will let you go to the “Home” screen when you click it.
• The square button lets you see which applications are currently open.

Connecting to Wifi on Your Tablet

1) To connect your tablet to Wifi, click on the “Settings” icon.
2) Next, click on “Network & Internet.”
3) If your wifi is off, the circle next to the “Wifi” icon will be gray. Click it to make it turn green.
Then, click on “Wifi” again.
4) Find your Wifi network in the list that appears.
5) A screen will pop up that asks you for your Wifi password. Enter YOUR Wifi password.
6) If you cannot connect to Wifi:
• Make sure that you entered the correct password.
• Check to make sure that your Wifi router is turned on.