How to Use the EPIC Library on Your Tablet

Using the EPIC Library on Your Tablet

Epic is a family-friendly, digital reading platform that includes over 40,000 books for children. Always Dream has partnered with EPIC to deliver you and your family the reading resources you need to get started in our program.

  1. Begin by tapping the EPIC icon on your tablet.
  2. Check the back of your tablet to find your login information. The email that is provided on the back of the tablet is the one you should use to log in.
  1. Steps to log in:




Next, click on your child’s profile. 

  1. On the EPIC homepage, you can see:
    • For You recommendations
    • My Favorite Books
    • Comics
    • Read To Me feature (reads the book out loud)
    • Audiobooks (reads the story out loud without pictures)

We have curated for you a selection of books that are great for practicing Picture Walks and Asking Questions. You can view these books under “My Favorite Collections.”

How to Search the EPIC Library

  1. Tap the Search bar to look up titles of books you want to explore.
  2. You can use the filters to search for books by topic, by age group, and by fiction/nonfiction.
  3.  You can search for books to read in Spanish by typing “Spanish” in the search bar.
  4. When your search results appear, you can click on the three dots + lines at the right of the screen to see the reading age, reading time, and the reading level for each book.
  5. Scroll through the search results and find the book you are interested in reading.
  6. Click on the “Favorite” button next to a book in order to save it for reading now or later.
  7. EPIC will save your book as you make progress.

EPIC makes it easy and fun to read together!